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Wishing you Good Health and Well-being

Everyone is now realised that food is a medicine beyond nutrition when taken in a right way. The present day generation is fully devoid of right food and completely dependent upon medicines for health. Like Subhamastu (greeting ones for well-being), we at Aarogyamastu aims to provide good food for good health.

Our ancient food grains like millets, desi varieties of rice, wood pressed oils, ghees made from curd, purest forms of honey etc., are just a few, which can easily bring back our health. We strongly believe that if you are not ready to spend on Health, you should be ready to spend on Hospitals.

Our vision is to offer the best chemical free and natural product to our customers in a sustainable way

What we offers? Best farmers, Best rates and Best customer experience

Best Farms

We select best farms who follow and adopt traditional natural practices in cultivating and producing end products. No chemicals, No preservatives, No GMOs, No pesticides policy

Connecting Farmers

We connect farmers directly and indirectly to our customers through our platform and make sure a right product is available all time. Customer always knows their farmer

Best Rate

Since our farmers are our partners, we could able to give the products at much cheaper rates than any other online stores. Products are freshly packed after order is received.

Why choose Aarogyamastu

Aarogyamastu is orginated to support farmers, small traders, startup manufacturers, who dedicatedly work to bring 100% organic, natural and eco-friendly products to the customers and helps in assisting them to grow financially without any mediator. We provide an online marketplace for them to list their good products freely for lifetime with an only motive to increase their sales and at the same time make the produce available at much affordable rates to the customers.

We are confident that no one can give the products at the rates, we offer on our platform. We could able to achieve it by thinking innovatively and implementing our ideas. Firstly, we do not stock the products at any stage. Customers will get products directly from the seller, meaning they are freshly packed by a right person who knows the value of it. Secondly, we sale mostly unbranded products produced by the farmers directly. No branding means less cost to the customer. We believe that brands are just a medium to show case.  We do not compromise for the value the customer pays and the product quality. We follow strict compliance in selecting our vendors and abide at every stage from product to the packaging. So, we promise 100% best product in all senses.

1000+ Organic Products

26 States

200+ Friendly Farmers

What about my taste buds?

Don’t worry we are just here to make your taste buds feel happy with our largest range of millet based products from noodles to vermicelli. No compromise on Health for sure. Try once, you will never regret.