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Appointment Dates:

Appointment can be booked on every even month on last Sunday by calling below numbers.

Lines Open for taking Appointment:
8AM to 10AM

Contact Numbers:
+91-9480193445 and +91-9448561472

(Please do not call above numbers other than date mentioned)

Clinic Address:
Dr Khadar Valli
4th Stage #965,
14th Main Road, TK Layout,
Mysore, Karnataka – 570009

Dr. Sarala Appointment: Alternatively, you may book appointment on every “odd” month, on calendar day 5th, the phone line will be open from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. Contact Number: +91-9480193445 to book appointment.

If you need a personalised diet plan as per your health issue, we offer a tailored lifestyle plan. For that you may click the button below and fill the form. Please remember, this plan is not provided by Dr. Khadar and is made by a certified panel of Advanced Diet and  Clinical Nutritionist and an experienced Homemaker. The plan is supported by guidelines of Dr. Khadar, which are available on social media and in the public domain. This plan is available at a very nominal charge for the efforts we put in meticulous planning of your lifestyle and diet.

Before Consulting, Please try to follow below Lifestyle





All positive millets


Healthy people can take Neutral millets like  Finger millet, Pearl millet, Sorghum, Desi corn.


Non-GMO pulses

All kinds of Rice varieties, wheat varieties, Soya beans, Sweet corn.


Sesame, Safflower, Niger seed, Ground nut, Mustard, Coconut oils made with Bull driven Ghana’s.

All Machine processed oils and      Refined oils.


Ghee which is prepared from Desi cow  curd.

All types of Ghee which are sold in  market


Use Sea salt for normal cooking, for special cooking use Rock salt and Black salt

All Industrial salts, Iodized salts and free flowing salt


Palm jaggery – Toddy palm jaggery, Fish tail palm jaggery, Silver date palm jaggery, Coconut palm jaggery.

White  Sugar, Honey which is sold in Market,  All artificial sweeteners.

Fruits, Dry fruits

All seasonal, locally grown fruits like Papaya, Guava, Mango, Banana, Custard apple, Black plum, Chikoo, Passion fruit etc. Indian dry fruits

Fruits those are grown in non-seasons and in artificial environments (hydroponics etc), Dry fruits, Dates, all  Imported fruits.


All different types of locally grown, organic vegetables and leafy vegetables.

Imported vegetables, and all GMO vegetable varieties


All Snacks which are made with millets, coconut laddu, palm jaggery laddu, peanut laddu made with palm jaggery, Sprouts etc.

All Bakery items, chocolates, Noodles, processed foods, Ice-creams, Foods which are prepared with Maida, Semolina, vermicelli etc.


Coconut water, Milk which is prepared from  Finger millet, sesame, Ground nut and buttermilk from all plant-based milk curd, desi cow curd etc.

Cool drinks, all health drinks like  Horlicks, Pediasure etc.

Animal Products

No Animal products should be consumed

Meat, Fish, Chicken, Crabs, Prawns, Eggs


Iron Pan, Cast Iron Pan, Earthen cookware, Clay vessels

Non-stick Pans, Aluminum vessels


Glass Jars, Tin cans

Plastic jars, cans etc


Structured Water (Copper treated)

RO, UV Filter Water

Dr. Khadar Valli: Reviving Siridhanya and Promoting Health and Sustainability

Dr. Khadar Valli, hailing from Proddutur town in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh, has dedicated nearly 20 years to reviving Siridhanya, also known as positive millets. With a Master’s degree in Science and a Ph.D. from esteemed institutions like the Regional Institute of Education in Mysuru and the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bengaluru, Dr. Khadar Valli brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work.

Having conducted postdoctoral research in environmental science in the USA, Dr. Khadar Valli realized the importance of promoting a healthier society in his own country. In 1997, he returned to India and settled in Mysore, where he embarked on a mission to revive five different types of millets that were vanishing. These millets, known as Siridhanya, not only possess unique healing properties but also offer a sustainable alternative to commercially prevalent crops.

Dr. Khadar Valli advocates for the consumption of Siridhanya, along with plant/tree leaf decoctions and homeopathic medicine, to combat a range of diseases. His approach focuses on the detrimental effects of conventional food practices and the need for natural alternatives. He firmly believes that adopting Siridhanya as a dietary staple can aid in preventing and treating various ailments, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, constipation, and skin diseases.

A respected figure in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, Dr. Khadar Valli draws large crowds to his enlightening talks on food and health. He has also been invited to speak at prestigious venues, such as Tech Mahindra in Bangalore, and has conducted international visits to Dubai and the USA. Through his extensive knowledge of health, farming practices, and environmental preservation, Dr. Khadar Valli strives to create a healthier and sustainable society.

To learn more about Dr. Khadar Valli and his remarkable work, visit the source:

Products needed to follow Dr. Khadar Valli Protocols

Siridhanya - MIllets
Bull-driven Oils

Books by Dr. Khadar Valli

In Telugu

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Paaka Siri Paaka Siri by Dr. Khader Vali
Dinacharya Daily Routine by Dr. Khader Vali
Hair & Boday care Hair & Body Care by Dr. Khader Vali
Leaves Kashayas 1 Leaves Kashayas by Dr. Khader Vali
Gastric Issues Gastric Issues by Dr. Khader Vali
Siri Jagattu Siri Jagattu by Dr. Khader Vali
Siri Dhanyalu tho Aarogyam 1 Siri Dhanyalu tho Aarogyam 1 by Dr. Khader Vali
Siri Dhanyalu tho Aarogyam 2 Siri Dhanyalu tho Aarogyam 2 by Dr. Khader Vali
Siri Dhanyalu tho Aarogyam 3 Siri Dhanyalu tho Aarogyam 3 by Dr. Khader Vali
Atavi Krushi Atavi Krushi by Dr. Khader Vali
Leaves Kashayas 2 Leaves Kashayas 2 by Dr. Khader Vali
Siri Dhanyala Ambali Siri Dhanyala Ambali by Dr. Khader Vali

In English

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Daily Routine Daily Routine by Dr. Khader Vali
Hair & Boday Care Hair & Body Care by Dr. Khader Vali
Gastric Issues Gastric Issues by Dr. Khader Vali
Siridhanyalu 1 Siridhanyalu 1 by Dr. Khader Vali
Siridhanyalu 2 Siridhanyalu 2 by Dr. Khader Vali
Siridhanya Ambali Siridhanya Ambali by Dr. Khader Vali
Siridhanyalu Kashayas Siri Dhanyalu tho Aarogyam 1 by Dr. Khader Vali
Leaves Kashayas Leaves Kashayas tho Aarogyam 2 by Dr. Khader Vali

In Tamil

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Siridhanyalu Siridhanyalu by Dr. Khader Vali

In Hindi

File Description
Siridhanyalu Siridhanyalu by Dr. Khader Vali

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